[Papers are listed in alphabetical order of author surname]

Re-engineering soil pH profiles to boost water use efficiency by wheat 
Dr. Gaus Azam and Chris Gazey

Grid soil mapping to define the variability in multiple soil properties 
Kirsten Barlow, Sebastian Ie and Ben Fleay

Variable rate lime for cropping systems in the HRZ: an economic analysis 
Kirsten Barlow, Kerry Stott and Sebastian Ie

Field calibration of the capacitance soil moisture probes for Brown Sodosol 
Belyaeva O, Ward G, Chen D and Suter H

Reduced frost damage on crops after strategic deep tillage – evidence from field experiments in Western Australia  
Giacomo Betti, Tom Edwards, Ben Biddulph, Stephen Davies, Andrew Van Burgel, David Hall and Chloe Turner

A journey in the application of research into subsoil manuring in the high rainfall zone of Victoria 
Robert Binks and David Watson

Guidelines for organic amendment experiments to enable attribution of yield to plant nutrition or soil amelioration 
Corinne Celestina, James Hunt and Ashley Franks

Comparing strategic deep tillage options on soil constraint removal and crop performance across two soil types in Western Australia 
Stephen Davies, Tim Boyes, Liz Petersen, Chad Reynolds, Joanne Walker, Ty Fulwood and Rob Dempster

Improving the adoptability of spading practices in constrained sandy soil environments 
Jack Desbiolles, Chris Saunders, Chris McDonough and Michael Moodie

Seeder-based approaches to mitigate the effects of sandy-soil constraints  
Desbiolles J, McBeath T, Barr J, Fraser M, Macdonald L, Wilhelm N and Llewellyn R

Effects of deep ripping on soil compaction and crop performance in Mallee sands 
Brian Dzoma, Nigel Wilhelm, Peter Telfer and Kym Zeppel

A novel approach to map the depth to a soil pH constraint – a useful tool for understanding yield variability 
Patrick Filippi, Edward J. Jones, Bradley J. Ginns, Brett M. Whelan, Guy W. Roth and Thomas F.A. Bishop

Ripping Mallee soils, what are the production benefits? 
Kate Finger, Audrey Delahunty, Claire Browne, James Nuttall, Ashley Wallace, Darryl Pearl, Peter Fisher, Colin Aumann, Jeff Tullberg and Nigel Wilhelm

Analysis of the Vegetable Value Chain and Gender Roles in Vegetable Production in North-west Cambodia 
Rebecca Fong, Rebecca Cross, Robert Martin and Daniel K.Y. Tan

Long term impacts on crop productivity following amelioration of sandy soils 
Melissa Fraser, Nigel Wilhelm and David Davenport

Organic amendments and lentil growth in Mallee soils 
Mitchell Fromm, Jason Brand, Audrey Delahunty and James Nuttall

A guidance document for agronomic best practice soil sampling in Australia 
Cameron Gourley, David Weaver and Jeff Kraak

Nitrogen fluxes in dairy farm soils in response to fertilizer or “urine”  
Michael W. Heaven, Craig Beverly, Cameron Gourley, Jenny Collins, Sharon Aarons, Michael Adelana, Thabo Thayalakumaran and Evan Dresel

The effect of soil moisture at application on the behaviour of four nitrogen fertilisers in the presence of 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate 
Brooke Kaveney, Jason Condon and Greg Doran

The Soil Tech Project – Translating soil science into digital soil management tools for agronomists and land managers  
Andrea Koch and Sam Duncan

Addressing subsoil acidity in the field with deep liming and organic amendments: Research update for a long-term experiment 
Guangdi Li, Richard Hayes, Jason Condon, Sergio Moroni, Ehsan Tavakkoli, Helen Burns, Richard Lowrie, Adam Lowrie, Graeme Poile, Albert Oates, Andrew Price and Alek Zander

Mind the Gap: targeting profile amelioration in Southern region sandy soils 
Lynne M Macdonald, Therese McBeath, Melisa Fraser, Nigel Wilhelm, David Davenport, Sam Trengove, Michael Moodie, Rachael Whitworth, Barry Haskins, Jack Desbiolles, Chris Saunders, Mustafa Ucgul and Rick Llewellyn

Growers identify that knowledge and confidence in management and decisions are major constraints to profitable productivity in the higher rainfall areas of Western Australia 
G.P. McDonald

Agronomic options to overcome soil water repellence improve crop performance regardless of sowing conditions in a gravelly duplex soil 
G.P. McDonald, S.L. Davies, D.M. Bakker and  G. Poulish

Soil wetting agents used to manage water repellence can benefit crops for more than one season though highest yields result from annual applications 
G.P. McDonald and S.L. Davies

Deep ripping: an effective first step to lift productivity on deep sands in the Victorian Mallee? 
Michael Moodie, Lynne Macdonald and Ray Correll

Identifying potential areas of subsoil P and K deficiencies in Western Australia 
Andreas Neuhaus and James Easton

 A field method to assist selection of wheat varieties best suited to local soils may be the best strategy for mitigating waterlogging risk 
Sam North, Carlos Ballester Lurbe, James Brinkhoff and Alex Schulz

Constraints to nodulation and N2 fixation of pulses on acid soils of the south-east Australian high rainfall zone 
Mark R. Norton, Helen Burns, Peter Tyndall, Laura Goward and Mark B. Peoples

Waterlogging effects on soils and wheat crops in the high rainfall zone of Victoria  
Fiona Robertson, Dilnee Suraweera, Malcolm McCaskill, Brendan Christy, Roger Armstrong, Reto Zollinger, John Byron, Debra Partington and Steve Clark

Improving yield on sodic soil: assessing the value of genetic improvement 
Schilling,R.K, Taylor J, Armstrong R, Christopher J, Dang Y, Rengasamy P, Sharma D.L, Smith R, Tavakkoli E and 5 McDonald G.K.

Evaluating gypsum and polyacrylamide use on irrigated pasture in northern Victoria 
Andrew Sneyd

Soil compaction survey and sampling of dairy farms in the Goulburn Valley 
Andrew Sneyd

Effect of phosphorus fertiliser at sowing on canola (Brassica napus L.) yield responses under waterlogged conditions 
Dilnee Suraweera , Malcolm McCaskill , Penny Riffkin, Debra Partington, Jamie Smith, Irma Grimmer and Tony Dickson

Effects of in-crop nitrogen application on grain yield of wheat under waterlogged conditions 
Dilnee Suraweera, Fiona Robertson, Malcolm McCaskill, Brendan Christy , Roger Armstrong, Debra Partington, Reto Zollinger, John Byron and Steve Clark

Understanding the amelioration processes of the subsoil application of amendments 
Iman Tahmasbian, Zhe H. Weng, Yunying Fang, Graeme Poile, Albert Oates, Shihab Uddin, Binbin Xu, Graeme Sandral, Roger Armstrong and Ehsan Tavakkoli1

Low-risk management strategies for crop production on water repellent sands 
Phil Ward, Nigel Wilhelm, Margaret Roper, Terry Blacker, Ramona Kerr, Priya Krishnamurthy, Ian Richter and Shayne Micin

More profit from Nitrogen Program: Delivering cross-sector collaboration in NUE research
M.White, A.Williams, C.Phelps, F.Driver and B.de Kock

Promoting soil health in dryland agriculture by increasing cropping intensity 
Alwyn Williams and Lindsay W. Bell

Biological amelioration of subsoil acidity via excess anion uptake by wheat and canola  
Zhe (Han) Weng, Peter Sale, Guangdi Li and Caixian Tang