Plant nutrition and fertiliser use

Effect of soil texture on injury to crop species by seed coating with monocalcium phosphate
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Variation in phosphorus content between subspecies of subterranean clover
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Remote sensing and tme phosphorus status of pasture
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Agronomic requirements of a new semi-dwarf rye variety 1. phosphorus and sowing rate
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Agronomic requirements of a new semi-dwarf rye variety 2. nitrogen and phosphorus
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Subterranean clover decline and phosphorus nutrition
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Residual value of phosphate for lupins increased by deep placement
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Comparative phosphate requirements of burr medic, yellow serradella and subterranean clover
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An assessment of the p0tential for direct application reactive phosphate rock in Australasian agriculture
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Partially acidulated phosphate rocks as fertilisers for pastures
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Phosphorus requirements of wheats and barleys grown in South Australia
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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus seed coating on the emergence of tall fescue
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Early growth response of tall fescue to nitrogen and phosphorus seed coatings
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Residual nitrogen and wheat production
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Rapid sap test for monitoring the nitrogen status of crops
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Determining the nitrogen requirement of crops: 1 wheat
P.D. Handson and V.C. Amenta

Determining the nitrogen requirement of crops: 2 oilseed rape
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Determining the nitrogen requirements of crops : 3 sunflowers
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Predicting the yield response of wheat to topdressed nitrogen
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Tests to predict yield response of wheat to topdressed nitrogen
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The effect of nitrogen fertilizer and plant population on growth and yield of minicorn
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Leaching and the plant availability of organic nitrogen
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Applying nitrogen to late sown wheat is a waste of money in South Australia
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Effect of split nitrogen application on yield and protein content of wheat in northern New South Wales
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Impact of payment for quality on nitrogen recommendations for wheat
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Long term uptake of fertilizer nitrogen residues by wheat
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Fate of 15n urea applied to a wheat crop as affected by stubble management
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A high incidence of crown rot (fusarium spp.) in wheat grown under high levels of nitrogen
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The effect of nitrogen fertilizer and disease control on yield and protein content of wheat in Canterbury, New Zealand
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Effect of nitrogen, gibberellic acid and population on yield and seed quality of navy beans
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Applied nitrogen and water use efficiency of rapeseed
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Nitrogen fertilisation: an option in stubble retained fallow systems of the Victorian Wimmera
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Nitrogen application and waterlogging in wheat
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Zinc affects yield, protein and quality of wheat
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Boron tolerance of australian wheat varieties
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Low boron in seed depresses soybean seed yield
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Grain set failure and boron deficiency in wheat in Thailand
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Supra-optimal manganese suppresses the effect of gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici on grain yield of wheat
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Seasonal variation of aluminium, manganese and ph in acid soils
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Assessment of soil tests for aluminium toxicity in sub. clover
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Ash alkalinity of farm produce
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Effects of liming on legume content of a dairy pasture on the north coast of new south wales
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Liming reduces the soil strength of a Krasnozem
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