Sustainability & environment

Agriculture in the wimmera; looking back and planning ahead
W.K. Gardner, J. Carter, R. Flood, T. Young, M. Drum and M. Jasper

Productivity of oldman saltbush in relation to rainfall and economic considerations
R.W. Condon and A.L. Sippel

Achieving the potential of the pasture resource in south-west Victoria
P.M. Schroder, J.W.D. Cayley, A.P. Patterson, P.E. Quigley and G.R. Saul

Traditional management for dryland farming: lessons for modern agronomic systems development
A. Kent

Nitrogen fixation in mungbeans - expectation and reality
H.V.A. Bushby and R.J. Lawn

Incorporation of intensive cropping into sustainable systems in the coal valley, Tasmania
N.J. Mendham

Perceptions of sustainable grazing systems
N.D. MacLeod and J.A. Taylor

Practical and economic considerations of sustainable agriculture in summer rainfall areas of Australia
P.B. Wylie and A.L. Clarke

Applying sustainability through farm planning
P.J.M. Thompson and G.P. Penton

Sustainability of organic broadacre cropping systems with respect to aspects of nutrient and energy flow
D.C. Dumaresq and J.W. Derrick