Pasture Production

Lucerne management optimization – new insights from experimentation and modelling
Edmar I. Teixeira, Derrick J. Moot, Hamish E. Brown

Simulating competition between cereal and lucerne grown in mixture 
Rob Harris1,3, Donald Gaydon2, William Bellotti3,6, Murray Unkovich4 and Michael Robertson5,6

Seasonal variability of Rhodes grass production in the northern West Australia wheatbelt.
Roger Lawes1 and Michael Robertson2

Herbage production, nitrogen fixation and water use efficiency of ten annual pasture legumes grown with and without lime on an acid soil 
Belinda Hackney1, Brian Dear1, Mark Peoples2, Gabrielle Dyce1 and Craig Rodham1

Developing production systems for the newly released varieties of the biennial forage legume sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.)
Carolyn de Koning1, Graham Crocker2, Peter Schutz1 and Nick Edwards3

Effectiveness of dairy first pond sludge as a nutrient source for forage crop production
Graeme Ward and Joe Jacobs