Managing Site & Season

How important is season specific or soil specific wheat agronomy in southern Australia?
Doug Abrecht1, Howard Cox2, Mario D’Antuono3 and James Fisher4

Grower evaluation of nitrogen application timing and decision tools in uncertain seasons.
Jeremy Lemon1

The role for EM mapping in precision agriculture in the Mallee
Rick Llewellyn1, Anthony Whitbread1, Ben Jones2,3, Bill Davoren1,

Comparison of NDVI seasonal trajectories and modelled crop growth dynamics
Uday Nidumolu1, 2, Victor Sadras1, Peter Hayman1 and Steven Crimp2

Does spatial variability of plant available water capacity cause variability of grain yield in the Victorian Mallee?
M.A. Rab1 and P.D. Fisher2,

Farmer Case Studies on the Economics of PA Technologies
Dr Matthew McCallum

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