Managing Pastures

Within-paddock variation in pasture growth: landscape and soil factors
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Comparing the water use efficiency of tropical pasture grasses and legumes used in Queensland’s mixed farming systems
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Autumn cleaning Ornithopus compressus L. (yellow serradella) pastures: a novel, broad spectrum weed control option that exploits delayed germination.
David Ferris1

Perennial Pastures in the Wimmera-Mallee
Karen Chapman and Simon Craig

Sheep liveweight production from lucerne, cocksfoot or ryegrass based pastures
Annamaria Mills, Malcolm C. Smith and Derrick J. Moot

Pasture characteristics perceived by farmers of Western Australia in relation to adoption of annual pasture legumes
Kawsar P. Salam1,2, Roy Murray-Prior1, David Bowran2 and Moin U. Salam2